Below you'll find sources for all of the facts and references made in each episode. 


Side Quest  – The Gun Show

Episode 04 – Going Home

Level One - Genocide on Turtle Island

  • Learn more about Beth LaPensée and all of her games at her website.
  • Here is a map of the locations of the 2.4 million miles of pipeline in the United States.
  • Listen to the songs from Honour Water here. They are shared with us by Sharon Day, the Oshkii Giizhik Singers, and elders who collaborated at the Oshkii Giizhik Gathering.

Level Two - Gone Home

  • You can read Don's piece as it was originally written here

Level Three - Screaming in Simlish

  • Please enjoy this real video of Katy Perry singing 'Last Friday Night' in Simlish.

Episode 03 - Gotcha!

Level One - The Good Ship Niantic

Level Two - What Happened to Ian Garvey?

Episode 02 - Patriot Games

Level One - Beyond Imagination

  • In the first month after Call of Duty: Black Ops was released, it was played for 68,000 years.
  • Stephen Machuga runs the charity, Stack-Up, which sends video games and consoles to veterans and soldiers.
  • You can find Tim Locklear at the Boris the Service Dog Facebook page.
  • Bryant Chambers has a YouTube channel where he gives personal and professional development advice.
  • You can learn more about Skip Rizzo's VR PTSD treatment here.

Level Two - Virtual Soldiers

Level Three - Return to Castle Wolfenstein

  • You can find videos from Bethesda's Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus advertising campaign here.
  • If you insist, you can read about the backlash to that campaign here.
  • You can still play Wolfenstein 3D here.
  • You can play Silas Warner's Castle Wolfenstein here.
  • Silas's friends react to his death and share memories here.
  • Kari Ann Owen teaches therapeutic horseriding at Wildhorse! in Montana.

Side Quest - Cuphead's Racist Grandparents

Episode 01 - Origin Story


  • Learn more about A Mortician's Tale and Gabby's game studio, Laundry Bear, here.
  • Learn more about Caitlin Doughty, the Order of the Good Death, and death positivity here.
  • You can still play Neopets here.