Character Creator is a monthly podcast about video game characters and the people who create them. The podcast is written, recorded, and produced by Brian Fabry Dorsam from his home in Chicago, Illinois. New episodes are released on the first Monday of every month.

One afternoon, when Brian was playing FIFA '17 (really well, by the way), he looked at his partner on the couch and realized that he wanted her to be proud of him for winning a video game. Why on earth would he want that?

In order to find out, he researched avatar theory, took out piles of books from the library, and read tons of games journalism to write what ultimately became the first episode of this podcast. After that, Brian delved deeper, talking with gamers and developers from different communities and backgrounds about what they love (and hate) about video games.

Each episode of Character Creator focuses on a different part of the gaming community and looks at how video games impact the lives of those who play them.

You can find Character Creator wherever you get your podcasts. You can donate to Character Creator through Patreon.

Who We are

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Brian Fabry Dorsam

Brian is the host of Character Creator. He looks basically just like that. He writes about pop culture and politics at F Newsmagazine. Brian is also a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and comic artist. You can see his work here.

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Brian Barth

Brian composed all of the music for Character Creator as Names for Sounds. He lives and works in Amsterdam. 

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Jimmy is a cat. She is very large and enjoys complaining constantly, eating plants, and sleeping on the radiator.